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Tor Ewen ︎

kleine sculpturen die knipogen naar prototypes voor 3D producten
small scale sculptures that hint at prototypes of 3D products

'Using five shapes from Heike’s shape library I have developed a series of small scale sculptures, that hint at prototypes of 3D products. The types of materials used extended the possibilities of the forms, twisting, curving or standing rigid into different compositions.'

Heike Dobbelaere ︎


vork en (koffie)lepeltje uit metaal
metal fork and (coffee) spoon

︎ Heike Dobbelaere
Modulaire rugzak

modulaire rugzak samengesteld uit 6 vormen
modular backpack composed out of 6 shapes

CC Heike Dobbelaere, 2018
vormplatvorm _ formflatform
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

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